Street Runner Prod. By KBeatz


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Prayer is a pain killer/ Plus it allows me to do my thing illa/ Without no faith inside myself alone/ I thank God and not disgrace Him with a selfish tone/ I'm grown I show respect until my last breath is etched in stone/ And even after that I take my crown and lay it at His throne/ I bow down without hearing loud sounds/ He(God) ain't gotta look around and say now where is thou found/ I'm here Lord right here running around the airport/ about to take flight like the symbol on them old Nikes/ jord--ans/ I step like floor plans and hitt'em with the antidote who cares about more fans/ I heard the way they handle coke deserves an award/ Their rocks are as big as cantaloupes they gotta chop'em with swords/ He looked me in my face and said look homie them my dogs I mean really them my dogs like we walk on all fours/ I don't wanna see'em die/ I don't wanna see'em go/ but they look at me like I'm hatin' and I don't wanna see'em blow/ I ain't the type to make a statement but I just figured you should know/ cause then you can say something to them/ maybe look I don't know/ Man It's crazy what that type of money do to somebody/ have you thinking' about all kinda things to do to somebody/ I told'em that's the truth I feel you 1 hundred proof/ couple that with weed & pills and look they higher than a roof/ ill/ It's like the street been on a diet from the truth/ and everybody want beef like the buying #2's/ So the pump is emptied out we hear about it on the news/ then on the telephone wires we throwin' a pair of shoes/ that riot pump is poppin' see piles of rival crews/ the old heads walk back in they crib and call'em fools/ a crackhead dies at the same time that his dealer does/ shorty seen'em both but was too young to see how real it was/ That visual will stick wit him for a lifetime/ Mama crying cause her son fell like the night time/ just like that other sun ducks when the moon comes up/ they robbed him for his chains tell the thieves to hold their nooses up/ cause they gone kill you too/ somebody else want'em just like you/ somebody gonna come dressed like you with a 38 extra special tool/ with the intent to bless you/ death you/ guess you better play it extra cool/ it's a death wish like an electrical storm and ya out there on a roof/ with the metal in ya palm/ poof!!!/ You gone like the feathers on a goose/ aye man i'm in that triple fat bubble coat/ watching from the stoop/ another episode another striped car patrolling/ (siren sound) Jesus is the answer/ the devil is a dancer/ moving provocative with a shovel and some handcuffs/ and now he got you on the wall with ya hands up/ the juxtaposition is the worship of the system/ Blind people are not the ones without vision/ the blind are the ones who can't see God cause of religion. -eshon burgundy, from the song "Street Runner"


released November 1, 2011
Song Produced by K-Beatz
Song Mixed & Arranged by Elvin "Wit" Shahbazian



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